Introduction to DeepGrade AI Platform

DeepGrade is an AI powered learning and grading platform that helps in identifying learning gaps and improving learning efficiency. DeepGrade can evaluate both handwritten and digital content.

AI Question Configuration

Create your questions more efficiently using DeepGrade. Get to know their blooms taxonomy and chapter classification in a jiffy. The intelligently crafted scoring schema will enable near human grading of student content.

Chapter Distribution
Bloom's Taxonomy
Marking Scheme

Content Submission

Now students can submit their home works, assignments, worksheets & more even from their smart phones. Be it digital content or handwritten content a easy and seamless way to turn in their work.

Handwritten Content
Text Extraction

AI Grading

Natural language Processing ( NLP ) powered context grading methodology of DeepGrade evaluates each content for its intent, meaning, similarity and many such parameters to provide near human accuracy in content Grading.

Context Evaluation
Scoring Schema
Digital Correction

Deep Reports

Never before seen reports & analysis. There is intrinsic and detailed data available on each question, student, subject, class, department and why not the whole institution. Individual to class patterns, blooms taxonomy analysis, question paper analysis & countless other analysis would directly impact in bringing an upward trend in the quality

Cognitive Learning Pattern
Student Performance
Individual Progress Index

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