Digital Upskilling for Teachers

EdTech | AI Transformation | Teaching the Teachers According to ZipRecruiter’s (a SaaS based job search engine) future of work report, one of the key findings is that employers across several industries have begun offering more on-the-job training to prepare for tomorrow’s job market. AI is creating more jobs and will continue to create new […]

Sharpening Taxonomy

The Era of AI We are not living in the changing world of AI, instead we are living in the world where using AI we are enhancing the experience and productivity. This article has got its inspiration from the same thought by enhancing the well-known education framework “Bloom’s Taxonomy” to suit the needs of changing […]


Adopt Early Adopt Early Adopt Early Adopt Early Adopt Early Adopt Early Adopt Early Adopt Early Adopt Early Advantages | AI Based Solution According to, The 7 Biggest Technology Trends In 2020 Everyone Must Get Ready for Now has AI-as-a-service in the 1st position which highlights the importance of Artificial Intelligence based solutions and […]

AI – A New Ray of Hope

Artificial Intelligence and Machinelearning, the two terminologies have become uncommon across various industries, professionals, students, academicians, researchers and business houses. The AI transformation journey has already begun some years back and interesting predictions and forecasts on how AI is going to change our lives are in place today. Douglas Hofstadter expresses the AI effect concisely […]